PetrOmbudsman Team

The people at PetrOmbudsman are ready to listen to you and offer answers and solutions to different situations, concerns or questions regarding your activity within the company. They are not outsiders; they are people who are very well acquainted with OMV Petrom, and its values.

Get to know the people working for PetrOmbudsman!

PetrOmbudsman Team

Ion anghel

Dr. Eng. Ion Anghel

Director of PetrOmbudsman Department

Hello everyone! Although my name is Ion Anghel, most people call me Ninel, and my colleagues at PetrOmbudsman "caress me" by telling me Mr. Angel.

Behind any of these versions, for more than 30 years in this company, I am - the man - for whom the greatest satisfaction is to help, in any form that the support can take.

Although I currently lead the ombudsman department of OMV Petrom, the others say about me that by nature I have always been an ombudsman.

My empathic and patient structure puts me in a position to approach people easily. I like to analyze things in depth, to make well-founded decisions, attention to detail is something that defines me and I strongly believe that age is just a number.

At the same time, I am a manager and I try to overcome and eliminate the barriers that the hierarchical structure can create between people.

I am at your disposal and I invite you to the land of the ombudsman so that together we can find the best solutions!

Try not to become a man of success, but rather to become a man of value. - Albert Einstein

Ana chirulescu

Ana Chirulescu


I greet you, dear reader, and thank you for stopping to meet me. I will try to offer you the main ideas about me and I hope to have the opportunity to also meet and know you.

I am Ana and I like to accompany people when their path seems more difficult or they simply need an open space, without judgment. I am passionate about psychology and everything related to personal development and interpersonal relationships, which is why I began my journey to become a psychologist. Economist slippers no longer fit me, it seems :)

For the past seven years I have been an ombudsman, trainer, mediator, wife, and a mother, some of the most challenging and rewarding roles I have experienced. I like to combine the experience of an ombudsman with that of a parent and to extract the best practices from them, because I have noticed that they often intertwine.

My mission is to be with the people and the organization in which they find themselves, in their effort to communicate better, to really know each other and themselves, and to support them in overcoming their challenges in the most constructive way possible. In the end, we all have something to gain.

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” - Carl Gustav Jung


Cristi Ornea


Greetings! I am Cristi and I am part of the beautiful PetrOmbudsman team.

I am husband, father of 2 wonderful children and professional by passion. I consider myself a punctual person, curious and eager to evolve on all levels. I am a proponent of well-structured rules, but at the same time I am flexible and adaptable to the dynamic environment that surrounds us.

Passionate about sports, technology and everything new, I try to use all my accumulated experience to become "the best version of me".

If you feel that we are on the same way, I invite you to a confidential and "out of the box" dialogue between friends! Who knows what else can we discover together?  😊

Security represents your sense of worth, your identity, your emotional anchorage, your self-esteem, your basic personal strength or lack of it. - Stephen Covey

Doriana cojocaru

Doriana Cojocaru


Having an open, calm and optimistic nature, Doriana possesses considerable experience in managing complex interpersonal situations. Before accepting the position of Ombudsperson, she acted as a business ethics expert and then manager within Petrom’s Corporate Affairs and Compliance Department for almost four years. Her active involvement in numerous events of the department offered her a broad exposure to the organization and a comprehensive knowledge of its structure and mechanisms. Before joining Petrom, she previously worked in the banking industry.

Doriana graduated the Faculty of International Business and Economics within the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies and holds a Master’s degree in International Economics and European Business.

In 2014 she became an International Compliance Expert, following the graduation of the degree program launched by the International Compliance Association (I.C.A.) from Great Britain, in association with the University of Manchester Business School. Passionate about IT and foreign languages, she holds diplomas in both fields, including a Certificate of Advanced English (C.A.E.) awarded by Cambridge University.

She believes that her patience, diplomacy and an objective spirit are the main qualities which recommend her for the Ombuds position.

Remember no one can make you feel inferior without your consent. - Eleanor Roosevelt

Daniela florea foto 1

Daniela Ioana Florea


I send you a warm greeting.

I'm Daniela and I joined the PetrOmbudsman team in 2015.

I am open, sociable, optimistic and I like to be close to people and to be able to advise and guide them.

The profession of Ombudsman brings me a lot of joy and satisfaction, especially when I see that I have managed to help people overcome some obstacles, understand the changes and become more balanced.

I am proud that I have a beautiful family, two children and 4 grandchild who give me a lot of energy and delight.

I like to do sports, to travel, to explore new, unknown places, to meet and talk to new people, to understand their culture, habits and to learn new things.

All life is a journey and we have the opportunity to learn and share our experience with those around us.

I am here for you, I am waiting for you to talk, to share ideas, experiences, knowledge and don't forget: smile and enjoy everything life has to offer!

"Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing." - Theodore Roosevelt