In this section you can find projects developed by PetrOmbudsman department

PetrOmbudsman - “School differently - Course differently”

In collaboration with the Sustainability and Communication Department, with the local management of the Crișana Production Area and with the educational units, we managed to carry out a "differently "project, , which was very well received by the recipients.

A small implementation team consisting of Natalia, Anca and Cristi held assertive communication workshops for the communities of Suplacu de Barcău, Marghita, Marca and Abrămuț.

What did we achieve in 3 days marathon? (June 2-4, 2021). 6 assertive communication workshops in 4 different locations, 134 active teachers, a few tears of emotion and many many smiles.

We let you see in the videoclip a part of the feedback received from participants! We hope that it will also charge you with positive energy.

"There can’t be communion without communication"!